Having an Athens password is essential to access many resources from home. Simply pop into the library or if you work in the NHS you should be able to register online. This will give you access to full text from EMJ, BMJ, Annals of EM and so much more. Try downloading the NICE, BNF and BNF for Children apps for your iOS or Android device.

Up to Date

Resource available both in the hospital and at home using your OpenAthens password.


Similar resource to UpToDate and available in the hospital and at home via Open Athens login. Also available to download onto your iPhone (Need to obtain a code from the library to do this).

Read by QXMD

Use Read by QXMD on your desktop and sync to any iOS or Android device. Read gives you easy access to journals articles on the go. Open Athens password or personal access required.

Article request

If you need an article for journal club or help performing a comprehensive literature search then talk to the library staff. There are online request forms for journals.



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